The digital games industry - along with the music, film and book industries - is commonly referred to as part of the creative industry. However, although they can all be grouped under the same label, the digital game industry is the only one that is natively digital. During the past decade, the industry experienced a phenomenal growth in terms of social and economic significance. However, the impact of the industry, in socioeconomic terms, has remained unexplored in academic literature. Our project, NEMOG, leverages on the impact that the high degree of innovation has on all the stakeholders along the industry value chain, it addresses the changes enabled by technology in terms of business models and industrial organizational structure. To do so, the first year of research has focused on three research issues: the analysis of the impact of technology on business models innovation in the digital game industry, the mapping of the evolutionary trajectory of the industry’s business model innovation process, the innovation mechanisms that fuelled this particular path and growing areas of potential uses of digital games outside of purely entertainment purposes.