Crowdicity is an open community for anyone to communicate with the NEMOG project, suggest ideas and potentially form collaborations. We are very keen to hear the community's thoughts and opinions.

We are offering a prize of £100 in Amazon vouchers to the best idea posted at in the challenge "Games for Social and Scientific Benefit".

The key questions are:

  • How can we bring together scientists and healthcare workers with digital games industry representatives to design games which achieve scientific and societal goals?
  • Can we design games to address important scientific questions and to address social (particularly therapeutic) goals? 
  • Are new business models required for such games in comparison to recreation-oriented games, to enable them to be developed in a sustainable and scalable fashion? 
  • What are the unique barriers and facilitators for the sustainable and scalable development of games for social and scientific purposes taken from viewpoint of users, business and games designers?

Please feel free to post any ideas be they fully developed or just the beginning.