We scraped the information of all Android app developers in Google Play Store,one of the largest app stores. We then filtered out all the game app developers who are officially registered in the UK as companies. We then combined with the UK Government’s Company House dataset to know these game companies’ institutional knowledge, such as annual tax and financial report, company size and SIC code. This exercise gave us great insight on UK’s mobile game industry transformation, and we found that the corresponding business model transformation does not take place in a vacuum. We are developing a paper to explore what the industrial setting entails for that transformation. For instance, since 2008, the advent of mobile phones as valid gaming platforms has allowed online markets many additional distribution opportunities. These have come to dominate the market. These new markets revolutionised the sector by lowering the entry barriers for new developers, and increasing demographic reach for developers considerably. This transition was by far not seamless and straightforward. Seeing that as an opportunity, we mined data about applications developed in the UK to study the relationship between the sector, and labour and entrepreneurial mobility.