It is known that business models are useful tools for strategic decision making. With this in mind, we focused on assessing the resilience of the digital-games industry business models archetypes. Performing an in-depth historical analysis, we identified the evolutionary trajectory of environment driven business model change. We argued that business model archetypes evolve in response to two main environmental forces that either threaten or limit their productivity and growth. These two dimensions provided the necessary space for us to develop a topology of business model evolution according to their corresponding environmental texture. This piece of work, combined with the business model classification framework, provides a solid time-space framework for the digital-games evolutionary trajectory, contributing towards a more in-depth understanding of the sector. The suggested topology allows developers and publishers to more accurately position their business model with respect to others, assess their historical resilience, and support informed strategic decisions. A conference paper of this work has been presented at the European Group of Organisational Studies Colloquium in Naples, on 8th of July 2016.