Every action in an online game, from an in-game purchase to a simple button push, generates a piece of network data. We will explore what online purchase and gameplay data is/could become available, investigate the issues around gathering such data, and mine that data to better understand game players as an avenue for revenue growth, societal impact and scientific research. The principal questions to be addressed are:

  • What online game data is currently available? What data is available in principle? What data is it most useful to mine? What are the privacy, security and technology issues surrounding the storage, distribution and analysis of game data? What new algorithms are needed?
  • What insight can be gained into individual behaviour (e.g. to monitor the player’s health)? How can we interpret data for improved game design? What data can be gained to influence marketing and wider business strategies? How can we mine data to conduct research into economics, biology, ecology psychology, human-computer interaction, social science etc.?