To achieve our overall aim, to investigate and accelerate the use of digital games in addressing societal and scientific challenges, we will address primary objectives as follows:

  1. Conduct a detailed and highly participative study of the current state of the digital games industry and build simulation models that will allow the prediction of the outcomes of policy changes, and of adopting new strategies and addressing new markets.
  2. Investigate currently used business models for recreational games and for games which aim primarily at scientific and societal benefits. For both of these domains we will conduct in- depth case-studies and use these to investigate the future business models which will bring scientific and societal benefits from digital games into the mainstream.
  3. Study the availability, storage, privacy and security issues around clickstream data from online gameplay and purchases. We will work with academic researchers from different fields to mine the data from existing games to generate insights in economics and other fields. We will develop tools to mine the data from bespoke games with social and scientific goals.
  4. Bring the digital games industry together with potential users of digital games for social and scientific purposes. In so doing, we aim to shift public, research community and governmental perception of games from one based on profit and fun, to one which understands the social and scientific potential of digital games.